Shot of the game: the flag

Hello world, this is my project for the computer graphics exham I just attended! It's a simple videogame modelled like a first person shooter where you can't shoot ;-) but must reach the jellow flag before the red balls - likewise said the enemies - reach you!

Here are the tech specs:

  • Language: c++
  • Libraries: OpenGL & GLUT
  • Memory footprint: 54MB on a 64bit machine, at least 32MB of video ram required.

If you are on a linux (Ubuntu I suppose) machine you must in order:

  1. install the build tools: apt-get install build-essential cmake freeglut3-dev bzr
  2. download the sources: bzr co lp:~alessandro-bruni/+junk/infografica
  3. build the sources: cd infografica/build && cmake .. && make
  4. run the project and enjoy the game: ./infografica

And if you want to browse the source code at my "junk" repository... go get it at:

That's all for now folks! Make a nice game ;-)