I recently bought a Sony PRS-T1 ebook reader and it turns out it has a very nice feature: it's possible to sketch notes and little drawings using the touch screen. Then you can export them using the "take a snapshot" feature, which creates an image from the canvas.

What if you wanted to have them exported to any vector based format? It turns out that the format of the note files is a wrapped SVG with a container element and a couple of namespaces. To get an SVG file we just need to unwrap them. And you don't even have to bother XML processing, you just need a simple sed command in any Unix-like (Linux, OS-X etc) environment:

sed "{ s/n1://g; s/<n0:notepad.*<svg/<svg/;s/</n0:page.*notepad>// }" $1

Save this to /usr/local/bin/note2svg with your favorite editor and make it executable:

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/note2svg

Whenever you want to get the SVG file from the reader you'll just have to open a terminal and type:

note2svg input_file.note > output_file.svg

If you also want to convert the SVG file to a PDF you'll need to have Inkscape installed and type:

inkscape input_file.svg --export-pdf=output_file.pdf

Enjoy your notes ;)

Edit: here is a little Windows app that does the same. You need the .NET 2.0+ framework, so I guess it will run in any decent Windows version (starting from 2000).